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Hawaii Airplane Rentals

Whether you are a resident or a visitor to Hawaii we have an aircraft rental option for everyone. After a local or cross country checkout with one of our instructors, enjoy some of the most exciting flying in the world at reasonable rates. For even more savings ask us about our flying club.

Join our Membership Club!

Our membership club offers these exclusive benefits:

  • Lower Hourly Rates for Aircraft Rentals!

  • Free Headset Rentals!

  • No Rental Minimums for Overnight Trips!

Airplane Rentals Rates

Rates shown are updated as much as possible but subject to change at any time. Please call for current rates. Daily minimums for full day or overnight trips for non-club members.

Fixed Wing $30.00-$40.00/hr $53.00/hr
Helicopter $50.00/hr $63.00/hr
172SP 2003 N274MM $151.00/hr $178.00/hr
172R 1998 N9512F $146.00/hr $173.00/hr
172R 2001 N3536G $146.00/hr $173.00/hr
172R 1977 N727EM $146.00/hr $173.00/hr
172P 2000 N269ME $146.00/hr $173.00/hr
C177RG 1977 N5269D $182.00/hr Dual $217.00/hr Dual
(Complex 200 HP) $199.00/hr Solo $244.00/hr Solo
Learn How a Constant Speed Propeller Works
Learn How to Use the G1000
DA-40  2007 N778DS $159.00/hr $185.00/hr
DA-40 2007 N680DS $159.00/hr $185.00/hr
DA-40 2007 N691YW $159.00/hr $185.00/hr
PA-28 2001 N283PA $190.00/hr Dual $226.00/hr Dual
2005 N128AR $398.00/hr $435.00/hr
R22  2004 N7062F $240.00/hr $286.00/hr
PHOTO FLIGHT $300.00/hr min. 1 hr
price includes instructor fee
R44 2001 N300MK $468.00/hr Dual
Fuel included
+.1 add’l time
$505.00/hr Solo
Fuel included
+.1 add’l time
PHOTO FLIGHT $606.00/hr min. 1 hr +.2
price includes instructor fee
$75.00/hr $95.00/hr
Headset Rental $8.00/day
Cadillac Escalade $100.00/hr + tip  Minimum 2 hours


Non-Club Weekday 4 Hour Minimum Each 24 Hr Period
Non-Club Weekend 5 Hour Minimum Each 24 Hr Period



At George’s Aviation Services, our #1 priority is the safety and well being of all of our pilots. From single engine to multi-engine training aircraft, we maintain all 13 of our aircraft with our own certified maintenance staff. Our routine 50-hour, 100-hour, and annual inspections, allow you to feel confident that our aircraft will operate safely.

  • Our #1 Priority

  • Certified Maintenance Staff

  • 50-hour, 100-hour & Annual Inspections

Rental Policies

All Pilots who rent our aircraft must meet the following criteria:

Neighbor Island Flights

Must fulfill a cross country flight to Lanai with a Certified Flight Instructor
Daily minimums for full day or overnight trips for non-club members of 4 hours will be applied

Local Flights (Restricted to O’ahu only)

Must fulfill a local checkout with a Certified Flight Instructor.
No same day checkout/rentals.  After successful checkout, the earliest you can rent is the following day.

Arrow & Cardinal Only

10 Hours of dual flight training OR
100 Hours Complex

Access George’s Plane Rental Reservation System
Keith Miles
Keith Miles
22:19 02 Dec 17
Aloha; George’s Aviation; Above Reproach! Professional Clean Honest Integrity Courteous Family Atmosphere I always saw George almost everyday, we always greeted each other with a hand shake and the Aloha Hug ! The Staff at George Aviation we’re always professional, and assisted me with any questions I had. I thought about mentioning all the staff but I felt I might forget someone. The Entire Staff made me feel like I was at home. They always treated me like Family. Aircraft issues none to bear , I always had the aircraft that day or the next day ready and available. The office and or building to include the outside garage flight hanger are always clean and neat. There are refreshments available, lounge chairs, as well and a Large Screen Television. I would say huge television. I felt like I was at home ; they also have a Pilot Store. I gave five stars ; to George’s Aviation but honestly you would have to go visit George’s Flight School. Clean , Professional, photos on the wall, Everything is great. The flight Instructor’s know their stuff and won’t let any thing slide, you either know the maneuvers or you don’t, communication is the same, each and every flight instructor are readily available. If you have any questions feel free to ask any of the instructors, very professional and know what they are talking about. I will say this the George’s Flight Instructor’s are knowledgeable in this craft so don’t try to pretend you know what you are doing , they will test you to insure you know your skills. My last suggestion is stop by and take a walk , and or tour of the George’s Aviation Flight School you won’t be disappointed. I had a Great Experience at George’s Aviation !
Evan Alexander
Evan Alexander
07:18 23 Jul 17
I am a private pilot who recently joined Georges Aviation about 3 months ago. Every time I have flown here I have had an excellent experience. From the professional and welcoming staff to the quality instruction, they really go a long way to make this a user friendly flight training environment. As a private pilot transitioning to the islands from the mainland, the instructors do a great job of introducing the differences of the flying here verses the contiguous United States. It is easy to book aircraft online with flight schedule pro, great aircraft selection, reasonable membership rates, and also a quick check out process. Highly recommended.
Johnny baize
Johnny baize
00:45 11 Mar 17
Meet George the first day here. My son is taking lessons from Shawn. Both great guys. Highly recommend. Great staff. No better place to learn because B, C and edge of military air space.
Tyler Givens
Tyler Givens
07:30 12 Sep 16
Great training for part 61 or 141. Instructors have real world experience. It's small enough to know the people there, but big enough to have experts in many different aspects of flying!
Shane Lawler
Shane Lawler
00:37 12 Jun 16
This is a great place to get your helicopter pilot license. George is a great guy and the entire staff is extremely knowledgable on their aircraft and flying around the Hawaiian air space.
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